What is a dental tattoo: application features and popularity


Surprisingly, people have loved to decorate themselves with a variety of accessories since time immemorial. Different peoples had different ways. Someone preferred earrings and beads that hung almost to the knees, someone decided to change themselves using a three-tiered hairstyle, rings worn one after another on their fingers. Years passed, fashion trends changed, but one thing remained unchanged – the desire to stand out from the crowd. Whatever was done for this purpose, sometimes even to the detriment of health.

Now, by the way, there are more techniques to transform the appearance than before. In particular, the emphasis has recently been placed on cosmetic surgery, and dentistry has also received great opportunities. This section of medicine is now a revolution. Along with the treatment of diseases of the teeth and gums, another direction is gaining popularity – purely aesthetic. Its adherents prefer to have not just white even teeth, without caries and fillings, but inlaid with natural and precious stones and metals, with drawings and volumetric, as far as the size of the tooth allows images.

Steve Heward and his new trend

The founder of the latest trend was an American dentist Steve Heward, who created a technology that allows you to make inscriptions on ceramic dental crowns and apply images of famous faces. Today, many fans offered dental crowns with portraits of the British Queen, Princess Diana, the most popular modern singer in the UK – Amy Winehouse, football player David Beckham, and other stars. The Heward laboratory also accepts orders by mail. You must send a plaster cast of the tooth that the owner wants to decorate, as well as a text or image.

Most of those who set out to decorate their tooth with a pattern are not yet ready to experiment in full, so photos of their favorite second halves are not however in honor. Russians prefer something simpler-hieroglyphs, anime, pictures-exact copies of natural landscapes. Salons are better not to trust such procedures since their specialists are still learning how to apply a tattoo on their teeth. At the same time, professional dentists can do it now, especially since the equipment is continually being improved. Symbols on the teeth will probably be dealt with by doctors for some time. By the way, there is a fashion for tattoos that disappear after 24-48 hours. They can be made on the teeth.

The only thing is that before you apply a tattoo, you need to treat your teeth and mouth with high quality. Doctors call the latter a gateway to the body. If her health is not necessary, then there is a high risk of increasing the number of bacteria and viruses that are concentrated both near the teeth and in the gastrointestinal tract. The health of all human systems indirectly depends on the state of the teeth. They need to be monitored almost from infancy, so that no sore can get into the body through the oral cavity, where the immune system blocks the path, alas, not always practical.

Ideas of dental tattoo


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