What Are Stretch Marks And How Can You Get Rid Of Them Through A Tattoo?

Stretch Mark Cover Up Tattoo Advice

If you think that the problem of stretch marks is only concerned with young mothers, you are very wrong. At risk for this trouble – teenagers! Every tenth high school girl during puberty suddenly finds a Zebra pattern on her chest, stomach, buttocks or thighs. Is it possible to get rid of this defect through a tattoo?

Where tenuous– there break

Stretch marks on the legs Stretch marks appear due to the thinning of the skin and its poor elasticity. For this reason, in those places where the body tissues more stretched, internal tears occur. After they replaced by connective tissue. New striae are red or purple due to the presence of blood vessels in the connective tissue. However, over the years, they turn white, becoming inconspicuous, but standing out on tanned skin.

The decrease in skin elasticity causes any hormonal changes. Since the jumps in hormones are very active during puberty and in addition to this background, the skin of young people is subjected to muscular tension due to increased growth, the appearance of stretch marks in adolescents is exceptionally likely. The most significant risk in this regard is young people who are growing too fast.

Tattoo on stretch marks

Сan u tattoo over stretch marks

Tattooing on stretch marks is one of the methods of removing stretch marks after pregnancy or rapid growth. This procedure is becoming increasingly popular and allows you to forget finally about distorting the body of white stripes. In this way, it helps to get rid of a problem that can effectively lower their woman’s self-esteem.

There are two types of tattoo over stretch marks:

1. The execution of a classic tattoo that can turn defects on the skin into a small work of art.

2. Getting more and more popular — injections under the skin using a specially selected dye, so that the skin tone is leveled. This method made a splash in the world of aesthetic procedures.

How can you tattoo over stretch marks with injections under the skin?

Masking stretch marks with a tattoo is the introduction of a dye under the skin, corresponding to its tone. Special ink visually aligns the skin tone, and stretch marks become almost invisible. The Brazilian artist Rodolpho Torres (Rodolpho Tatuador) uses this technique.

Work of Rodolpho Tatuador

Torres started his career working as an art tattoo artist, but whenever he noticed a client’s stretch marks, he reported that he could hide them. The stories of Torres ‘ unusual technique quickly spread, and clients approached him from all over the world. Rodolfo claims that anyone over the age of 18 can come to him and use his services because the ink is hypoallergenic.

Who can get a tattoo on stretch marks?

Carefully consider the decision to apply tattoos on stretch marks. Remember that the tattoo will stay with you for the rest of your life. It is not easy to remove it, and you may not be sure that in a couple of years or longer, you will still like it.

You can gain weight or get pregnant again, and the skin will stretch back. This threatens to distort the tattoo — it will lose its original appearance. What should have been beautiful can start to disfigure you. People who are aware of their decision, because the tattoo may not always look as good as in the beginning should perform tattoos on stretch marks.

When you decide to perform a tattoo covering stretch marks, carefully check the tattoo Studio you plan to go. First, during the visit, you need to talk to the tattoo artist. It should provide you with professional information about the process itself, the possible side effects of the dye injection. Remember that each organism can react to it differently. The specialist will also help you choose a drawing to mask the scars as much as possible.

How quickly can I get a tattoo on stretch marks?

How quick?

Tattoos on stretch marks can not be performed immediately after their appearance. The skin at the site of stretch marks is particularly sensitive and prone to pain. The structure of collagen fibers is broken and requires restoration. It is not known how this process is progressing.

Stretch marks appear inflamed. Therefore, tattoos can not be performed on red, recently emerged scars. In this situation, it is better first to use the procedures of aesthetic medicine, which can significantly improve the condition of the skin. Only that define can you tattoo over stretch marks on the stomach, on arm or any other body parts.

How to prepare for a tattoo?

Thoroughly and regularly, moisturize your skin. Before performing the procedure, it should be in good shape. It is worth using deeply nourishing balms, oils. You can also go to a beauty salon and make an appointment for a skin hydration procedure.

In the tattoo studio

It is impossible to predict that the skin will not stretch in the future, and the tattoo will not lose its original image. Fortunately, there are several ways out of this situation. In beauty salons, you can do procedures to lighten stretch marks, so that they will decrease, and sometimes can become invisible. What is essential, this procedure does not lead to the fading of the tattoo.

To enjoy the beauty of tattoos for a long time, you should not use invasive cosmetic procedures. This type of treatment includes those treatments in which nutrients are injected under the skin. Pigments react differently to other substances. We do not recommend using laser technology that removes the tattoo.

Side effects of tattooing on stretch marks

The procedure can cause side effects, that’s define can you get a tattoo over stretch marks. The most common side effect of injecting pigment under the skin is an Allergy. An allergic reaction may occur not immediately, but after a few weeks, and even after several years.

Research of French dermatologists shows that even after a few decades, pathological changes in the skin can occur (for example, pseudomembranous colitis). After a tattoo, skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis) can also occur. Less frequently mentioned side effects include skin cancer, such as melanoma, dye injection causes a cell mutation that leads to melanoma.

Images of tattoos over stretch marks

Tummy Tuck Tattoo

Tattoo over stomach stretch marks

Tattoo over stretch marks before and after


Stretch marks appear for various reasons and not have the most attractive appearance. To eliminate the defect, multiple methods are used. In addition, tattoo refers to a great solution. Today, there are two methods: applying a direct drawing and using special pigment paints to match the skin tone. Specialized training is required to start the procedure. It is crucial to consider the possibility of side effects. For a consultation, be sure to consult with the master.

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