Tattoo Of A Wolf: history, meaning, symbolism, typical sketches, recommended styles

Body painting is not just a decoration, but a way to express your personality, to focus on any quality, to emphasize your aspirations and life principles. Choosing a sketch is an important point because each ornament has a unique meaning.

The experience of our salon shows that a tattoo depicting a wolf is in high demand. This symbol is very multi-valued. What a particular pattern means will depend on the characteristics of the image of the beast, its position, look, and additional elements. The selection of the final sketch should be approached with full responsibility and attention. If you can not find a suitable image on the Internet, our experts are always happy to help you develop an individual image, this additional service is inexpensive, and sometimes even included in the price of a tattoo.

History of a Wolf Tattoos

Wolves are the predators that humanity has gone hand in hand throughout its existence. Moreover, the context can be both negative and positive. At a time when food had to be obtained exclusively by hunting, wolves were our competitors, claiming to be prey. Anyway, people have always admired wolves, respected them for their strength, bravery and power. In history, you can find many confirmations of this:

  • Celtic warriors drank wolf blood before the battle. They believed that she was able to give them all the “wolf” qualities, not feel fear of the enemy and at any cost to achieve victory in the fight.
  • According to legend, the mother of the great Genghis Khan was a sky wolf of grey-blue colour. She had come down to earth on purpose to give birth to a warrior who was destined to conquer half the world.
  • The wolf nursed the founders of Rome-the brothers Remus and Romulus. This one is depicted on the coat of arms of the Italian football club Roma. Fans of the team quite often decide to make such a drawing on their body.
  • The Vikings regarded wolves as servants of Odin, their chief god. One gives predators their primary qualities.
  • Roman soldiers believed that the appearance of a wolf on the battlefield is a good sign that promises victory in the upcoming battle.

The wolf is strength. If you consider yourself a man of Courage, ready to take risks to achieve the goal, then getting a tattoo with the image of this predator is the right solution.

Symbolism Tattoo Of A Wolf

Let’s consider what values such tattoos have:

  • Wolves are one of the most permanent and loyal representatives of the animal world. The male chooses a female wolf, with whom he will spend the rest of his life, other individuals simply cease to interest him.
  • Discipline, a willingness to follow specific rules and remain faithful to the principles of life. You have probably heard the phrase “wolf law”, which means deviations from the norms of morality and morals. It has nothing to do with real wolves. In fact, in wolf packs, there is a strict hierarchy, life is built on laws, non-compliance with which often leads to the fact that the offender is simply expelled from the pack or exterminated. Even cubs from the very first months of life begin to accustom to these rules. Thus, the grown animal is a real standard of Discipline.
  • These predators are incredibly brave, which is especially noticeable during their hunting. Each representative of the pack has its task, which it performs strictly, despite the risk of death. Someone has to drive the victim, exhaust it, someone-inflicts fatal wounds. Quite often, wolves come into the battle with large mammals that can give a severe rebuff. They don’t lack Courage.
  • It may seem strange, but these fierce predators in battle, are also caring parents. When the cubs appear, the male does everything possible to get food for them, while the female warm them with her body, feeds and educates them.
  • A wolf is an animal that is not ready to obey anyone other than the leader of its pack.
  • The wolf tattoo is well suited for both guys and girls who are in a relationship. The main thing, in this case, is absolute confidence in the sincerity of your feelings and willingness. In General, try to take an example from real wolves – loyal and noble.

Common Sketches

Most often, the wolf is depicted in the following forms:

Wolf’s grin shows aggression, readiness to defend your point of view in any way. A person whose body shows a wolf with bared fangs is unlikely to wait for an attack himself, most likely, he will prefer to attack first.


Wolf's grin shows aggression tattoo


A wolf is howling at the moon. This sketch is suitable for romantic natures, as well as people who prefer to move through life alone, a kind of lone wolf.


A wolf howling at the moon 1 tattoo

A wolf howling at the moon 4 tattoo

A wolf howling at the moon 3 tattoo

A wolf howling at the moon 2 tattoo


The wolf with cubs. An excellent female sketch, symbolizing the power of the maternal instinct, love for their offspring and readiness to become the Keeper of the home.


The wolf with cubs 4 tattoo

The wolf with cubs 1 tattoo

The wolf with cubs 2 tattoo

The wolf with cubs 3 tattoo

The wolf with cubs 5 tattoo


Wolf paw tattoo. This is more of a male sign, often located on the chest, in the area of the heart. Its central values are self-confidence, the steadfastness of principles and Loyalty to beliefs.

wolf paw print tattoo meaning

Celtic wolf paw tattoo

wolf paw tattoo design

wolf paw dreamcatcher tattoo

wolf paw print tattoo designs

wolf paw tattoo designs

tribal wolf paw tattoo

wolf paw tattoo meaning

wolf paw print tattoo

wolf paw tattoo


A wolf with a rose in its mouth. This fabulous sketch is well suited for men who are both romantic and strong-minded natures.


A wolf with a rose in its mouth tattoo 3

A wolf with a rose in its mouth tattoo 2

A wolf with a rose in its mouth tattoo 1


The white wolf symbolizes an extraordinary nature, whose worldview is somewhat different from the generally accepted standards.


The white wolf symbolizes


Wolf in the jump. Willingness to overcome any obstacles in life. Such a person is not afraid of difficulties, goes to the goal, achieving results.


Wolf in the jump tattoo 1

Wolf in the jump tattoo 2

Wolf in the jump tattoo 3

Wolf in the jump tattoo 4


Wolf’s eyes. Here much depends on the emotions expressed and, in particular, the eyes. If the eyes of a predator burn with fire, then this indicates a duality of nature. This symbol was widely used in black magic: it denoted werewolves, people who can take animal form. If the wolf’s gaze reads calm and self-confidence, then a person, who has certain life principles, possesses such qualities.


Wolf eyes tattoo 5

Wolf eyes tattoo 4

Wolf eyes tattoo 3

Wolf eyes tattoo 2

Wolf eyes tattoo 1


The chosen style determines the cost of the work, its appearance, and many other points. According to the observations of our masters, the following techniques are considered the most popular:

  • The method is the most complex in terms of implementation, but the finished image impresses with photographic accuracy. The tattooist spends a lot of time paying attention to every detail and working through the details. It forms a three-dimensional drawing due to tone and colour transitions, shadows and penumbra. Even photos are often used as a sketch. This is the choice of those who value not only the meaning but also the visual component.
  • Here comes to the fore is already value and meaning. The image looks quite simple but embodies all the qualities characteristic of the sign. This is the choice of those who adhere to the traditional approach to tattooing their body like representatives of ancient tribes.
  • A familiar genre among the fair sex, as well as creative young people. When applying the pattern to the skin, soft pastel colours are used, a precise contour is not formed. The wizard simulates brush strokes. Even the terrible wolf in this genre looks not aggressive, but a very good-natured and cute animal.

If we talk about the location, then from the numerous photos we can conclude that there are many options here. If you are ready to show your tattoo to others, you can place it on your shoulder or forearm. More intimate places are the chest and back. Much depends on the size of the sketch. For the image of a wolf’s head, the shoulder is enough, and if you have conceived a whole story picture with a predator running through the night forest, it is better to perform it in the entire back or hand-so that the master can work out each element correctly.

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