Tattoo chicken: meaning and sketches

The Number of bird tattoos today is so good that it appears hard to think of original thought. However, if you seriously consider this issue, you can find a lot of new items. We will tell you about the meaning of the chicken tattoo, and you will be surprised just how exciting this idea is.

Meaning and history of chicken tattoo

For all of us, chicken is the most common poultry. We’re so utilized to it we do not think that its image carries a particular symbolism. First of all, the fish, the mommy. From the tattoo, this specific bird will probably reflect the prototype of the female. It signifies a powerful girl who is ready to raise her children independently and will never give them offense. The chicken can become a symbol of matriarchy.

The most favorable picture is chicken with chickens. This picture symbolizes not only motherhood but also a blood link with loved ones. Someone who has such a tattoo is a good child and a fantastic parent, for whom family is everything. However, African tribes possess a more mystical attitude to the poultry. She also considered a direct guide to the afterlife, possessing magical abilities.

If we delve into ancient symbolism and doctrine, it’s the hen-the mother of the egg that is the source of everything. That’s why in Eastern civilization, this bird is equated with the Creator. It had been believed that the planet created by two hens: dark and light. They laid many eggs, which, accordingly, hatched bad and good folks. And in Ancient Rome, priests predicted that the future by the behavior of newborn cows. In Christianity, a hen with chickens is a sign of Christ with all the flock.

This bird compared to some divine energy that protects its children, like a chicken that protects its Chicks. This bird will be the embodiment of true love. There was a parallel in Jesus’s words that gather the people of Jerusalem, like a hen gathering cows under its wing. But the picture of a chicken sitting symbolizes the hidden understanding about everything regarding the world and the divine higher power.

As you can view, the significance of the chicken tattoo isn’t quite as simple as it might seem. So you can safely select this particular idea for your upcoming tattoo.


Tattoo chicken

Tattoo chicken behind the ear

rooster and chicken with eggs tattoo

Tattoo chicken

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