Mount Everest tattoo: meaning, sketches and ideas


Mountains have always attracted people with their inaccessibility, beauty, and grandeur. The image of mountains is often found on the canvases of great masters. And it is quite natural that this symbol is firmly established in the art of drawing on the body.

In ancient times, the mountains were considered the Kingdom of the gods, the home of beings with supernatural power. Perhaps this is why some think the meaning of this tattoo to be magical.

The meaning of an Everest tattoo depends on the plot of drawing (color, type). The choice of an image is based on a person’s personal preferences and emphasizes their individuality.

A series of mountains is a barrier between two worlds, and it is permanent and eternal. The sun-drenched and flowered plateau is a symbol of a stable and protected life. An example of this is the Kingdom of the gods-mount Olympus.

It is hardly necessary to decorate your body with dark, gloomy mountains with peaks wrapped in clouds. This image will not bring joy and confidence to the tattoo bearer or others.

We are recommend: Eye of God RA from the mythology of Ancient Egypt, this tattoo is more common. The meaning of this tattoo is invariable-protection from evil creatures. The definition of The Horus eye tattoo corresponds to ancient Egyptian symbolism.

Famous peaks of the mountains are also often chosen as a pattern for a tattoo. In this case, the meaning of the mountain tattoo can be a symbol of patriotism. The Austrian will be happy with the image of the Alps, the Tibetan-the Everest.

Landscape images are quite rare, due to the fact that their implementation is impossible without the client’s firmness and endurance of the tattoo artist. Therefore, they mainly apply a more uncomplicated tattoo. The tattoo performed in both black and white and color variations. The peaks of the mountains still considered a symbol of strength.

Sketches and the placement of the tattoo mountain

The temperament and taste of the future owner of the tattoo affect the plot and symbolism of the drawing. Mountain paintings can be made in different styles and sizes. You can find sketches and photos of ready-made tattoos.

An Everest tattoo will look great on both open and free parts of the body, such as the stomach or back, and on narrow ones (neck, arms, legs). They also do tattoos on both sides. One side is rough and voluminous, and the other is smooth and flat. This may indicate its owner as a multi-faceted person. He can be cheerful and Groovy in life, but at the same time, he is not alien to melancholy and calm. It is not uncommon to perform tattoos of mountains with trees – the so-called “tattoo sleeve”, popular among men.

Mount everest tattoo


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