Icarus tattoos: meaning, history, sketches & works

Icarus — in Greek mythology, the son of Daedalus and a slave Navrati knew unusual death. According to the story of the legend of Daedalus and Icarus, many works have been created. At the same time, not only in the book version but also with the use of modern tattoo art.

Who is Icarus?

To escape from the island of Crete from the irritated Minos, master Daedalus made wings for himself and his son, fastened with wax, and Daedalus asked: “Do not go too high, the Sun will melt the wax. Don’t fly too low, the seawater will get on the feathers, and they will get wet.” But already during the flight to Hellas, Icarus was so carried away by the flight that he forgot his father’s instructions and climbed very high, getting too close to the Sun.

The rays melted the wax. As a result, Icarus fell and drowned near the island of Samos. That one received the name of the Icarian. His body washed ashore by the waves, was buried by Hercules on the small island of Dolichus.

Meaning and symbolism of the Icarus tattoo

The Icarus tattoo has an interesting metaphor that shows a person’s insistence on the Golden mean. The hero of mythology demonstrates the need to control the balance in life, in the acquired knowledge.

Some people make similar tattoos in a different variation of meanings. For example, excessive love, which burned and became destructive as the Sun for waxwings. Usually, tattoos depict a young man in the sky or wings. It is apply on the back, hands, less often on other parts of the body.

Sketches and works

icarus back tattoo 2

icarus back tattoo 1

icarus tattoo meaning 2

icarus back tattoo 3

icarus tattoo meaning 1

icarus wings tattoo 4

icarus tattoo 4

icarus wings tattoo 3

icarus tattoo 3

icarus wings tattoo 2

icarus tattoo 2

icarus wings tattoo 1

icarus tattoo 1

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