Aztec Tattoo Designs: The Meaning, History, Photos


Many ancient tribes expressed their vision of the world through the art of tattooing. It is safe to say that the Aztec tribes have become trendsetters on the decoration of their bodies. Tattoos of these tribes were distinguished by the complexity of compositions and a variety of themes.

The Aztecs created tattoos for the worship of the gods and certain rituals. In addition to the gods, the Aztecs depicted their achievements and victories on their bodies.

In addition to the fact that the Aztecs reached certain heights in tattooing. This type of art was of great importance in the culture of these people. Aztec tattoos had a religious or ritual meaning. They were applied to the bodies of adults and children. Unique and unusual, they have gained popularity among contemporaries who want to emphasize their individuality.

The most revered of the Aztecs was the Sun God – Huitzilopochtli. He was worshipped for giving life and standing guard over the heavens. Sunrise cycles interpreted as a symbol of the afterlife. The Sun God looks like a blue face in a tattoo. The sketch supplemented with inscriptions in the ancient language. The same significance attached to the image of a heart pierced with a dagger. Moreover, the blade of this people was sacred.

A heart carved with an Aztec dagger meant a sacrifice to the god Huitzilopochtli.

Another God revered in the Aztec religion is the warrior God. Most often, it depicted with the tongue sticking out. The composition supplemented with symbols.

The God of creativity depicted as a winged snake. This decoration represented fertility, wisdom, and protection over the weather. This tattoo went beyond the tribe and was popular among many peoples of America for two millennia.

Tattoo designs often depicted stars, the moon, the Aztec calendar, warriors, eagles, and beautiful princesses.

Places Where Aztec Tattoos Are Applied

The area of the application had a sacred meaning. It believed that a properly applied tattoo strengthened the connection with the gods. Tattoos were applied to the energy centers of the body: the stomach, chest, and arms.

Who can be interested in tattoo Aztec

Such tattoos are suitable for people who are not ordinary, creative, connoisseurs of ancient culture, and refinement in drawings.

Ideas of Aztec Chest Tattoo

aztec chest tattoo
aztec chest tattoo

aztec calendar chest tattoo
aztec calendar chest tattoo


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aztec chest plate tattoo
aztec chest plate tattoo

Ideas of Aztec Stomach Tattoo

Ideas of Aztec Arms Tattoo

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